Frequently asked questionS.  

+ Does it hurt?

Yes and no. The pain drastically varies depending on you as a person and how you deal with pain, how long the session is, and whereabouts on your body it is. There’s no worst or best part of the body as this also changes from person to person. A tattoo feels like a sharp scratch and for others a burning sensation. Different parts of the body can feel more intense but it is a bearable pain and also a pain that you benefit from.

+ How much is a tattoo?

Tattoos are priced piece by piece or by the hour. We have a minimum charge of £25 and our hourly rate of £70.

+ How much is a sleeve?

This is a very common question for us and we cannot stress enough that it completely depends on the complexity of your designs. We don’t price sleeves, as any price we did give would be so rough it would be unfair to you, as it will most definitely change. They’re priced on an hourly rate and our day sessions are popular for starting sleeves. You have to think of a sleeve as a project, something you have to put some time and money into for a perfect piece of art on you.

+ Do we design tattoos?

Yes. For those looking to get a tattoo, we do design all tattoos free of charge when people are booking in or booked in with us. Consultations are also free and anyone can pop in at anytime to have a chat with one of our artists about what it is they are looking to get done.

+ How do you take care of your tattoo?

Once your tattoo is finished a dressing will be applied which you need to leave on for 1 hour. You need to wash down with warm soapy water (ideally a natural hand soap) to remove any blood then can pat dry with a towel. An antiseptic cream is advisable and we recommend using savlon, bepanthen or our own brand of tattoo cream, which is available to buy in the shop. With the antiseptic it needs to be applied 2 or 3 times a day after cleaning as said above first. Only use what we have recommended. You can bath and shower as normal but you need to avoid swimming and bathing (depending where the tattoo is) as it could be soak the scabs which can effect the healing process.

For more any other questions or enquires please contact us.

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