I started working at Carvilles Tattooist once a week on Sundays in June 2013. Through doing the basics such a making tea and coffee, keeping the shop clean, talking to customers and answering the phone I was able to watch closely and gain a small insight into the tattoo world.

After leaving school I continued to work at Carville's progressing with drawing, laser tattoo removal and full body piercing whilst studying Art and Design full time at Amersham college.

I am now a full-time tattoo apprentice taking on any tattoo that is offered to me to gain more experience and practice.

I pride myself in putting all of my effort into my work and creating the best possible results as I understand how important each and every tattoo is to my customers.

By setting my self goals, I am aiming to rapidly progress and become one of the best at my profession.
— Jake Glover
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