Hey! I'm Jake and I'm one of the artists here at Carvilles Tattoo Studio.

I've been working my way up in the tattoo industry since I was 16. Over the years i've discovered that I enjoy pretty much every style involved within tattooing however my favourite probably being realism. That being said I always look forward to seeing what is going to come through the door and how i'm going to help turn my customers ideas into a unique permanent piece of art for them to wear.

When i'm not tattooing i'll probably be painting or drawing but if i'm not being creative then you'll find me riding my bikes, fixing my bikes or complaining about my bikes. Sometimes all at once...

Also please note if you have come to Carvilles and are confused by finding out my name is actually Jake then yes i do sometimes get called Chad.

Thanks, Chad.

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I constantly work on my craft bettering myself through each piece no matter the size or complexity
— Jake Glover
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