Nik started working at his dad’s Tattoo Studio (Brian Carville) at the age of only 13 in the evenings after school and weekends. 

At the beginning he started by making customers feel comfortable by chatting away. In addition, it was part of Nik’s responsibility to make sure the shop was always hygienically clean and tidy.

Nik was taught how to body pierce which was closely followed by learning the art tattooing.  At the age of 15 he decided to leave school and went to work for his father full-time.  It didn't take long before tattooing becoming a real passion as well as a full time profession. 

I take on any type of tattooing everything from writing to large pieces, no job too big or too small.

By the time Nik reached 21 he already opened his own shop which is now famously known as Carvilles Tattooist.  His dad (Brian Carville) has gone on to successfully open a new shop over in Gran Canaria called Brian Carville’s Paradise Tattoos and Bar.  

Over the past decade Nik has developed many new skills, as well as participating at various events, including tattoo shows and conventions.

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