Will Holloway


As soon as I got my first tattoo I knew what I wanted to be, the artist holding the machine. I have taken a special interest in black and grey but enjoy all aspects of this profession. I have been tattooing for 7 years and tattooing has become my life and passion.

As soon as I was offered the opportunity to become a Tattooist I moved from my hometown in Bristol to Carvilles, And I can safely say I haven't looked back. When you love your work it really doesn't feel like work!

I'm always trying to find new and different techniques to make me grow as an artist and to make my work stand out from the crowd,

I hope you enjoy my work.

Will (Bear) 

Dare Greatly, Achieve Greatness
— Will Holloway
  Joker ha ha ha tattoo
  Cherry blossom tattoo
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